Woman Leaves Hilarious Note Of Instructions For Babysitter Not About Baby But About Her Crazy Cat & It’s Too Funny

As every cat owner knows, there are two kinds.

You either have the tame, timid cat, or the crazy cat that has no concept of personal space or normality. The tame/timid cat will be the epitome of chill, but every now and then, the crazy cat will be too much for a new cat-owner to handle at any given time.

So, when one couple left their crazy cat at the hands of the new babysitter, they were careful to give her a list of instructions. Just in case. And everyone loves it.

It was basically a manual.

The cat is called Toody. She may try to sit on you. This may give the impression that she is friendly but her body is almost entirely made of danger. She won’t harm you but she just has an extremely low tolerance for affection but wants to steal your body heat. Feel free to not let her on you by curling into a ball or playing dead.

And if you’re a catowner yourself, you know just how on the mark she is.

If she isn’t trying to sit on yo she will probably rub the patio windows or back door to be let out. This means she wants to go out or just have you open a door. She will usually go out. If it is raining, she may not but she will only believe it’s still raining if she sees it. She doesn’t trust the word of anyone. She will rub the window outside to get back in. This will be approximately 2 minutes after you let her out because she is awful.

The instructions are just so she knows how to deal with her.

Death stare kitten.


The babysitter texted them later!

It’s a manual for every new cat owner ever.

Bastard Face the Cat.

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