This Woman Laughed At A Far-Right Protester And People Think It’s Badass AF

There was a far-right protest in Birmingham by EDL

Joe Giddens / PA Wire/PA Images

EDL, also known as the English Defence League held that protest in response to the Westminster attack. The perpetrator of the assault was Khalid Masood, and his motives seem to be religious. During the protest, a young woman named Saffiyah Khan got into a partially-heated engagement with EDL leader, Ian Crossland. I say partially-heated because… Well, you’ll know soon enough.

Saffiyah, who comes from a Muslim background herself, said “I ended up going to the EDL demo because there is a history of harassment and assault of Muslims, vulnerable members of the public, and people of colour at the demos and outside of it. I went with the intent of showing support for anyone who was assaulted or harassed by them.”

And soon enough, a Muslim woman was circled by 25 or so members of EDL.

She wore a blue headscarf

Joe Giddens / PA Wire/PA Images

Upon Khan’s intervention, this iconic picture was taken.

Joe Giddens / PA Wire/PA Images

Saffiyah (On the left) started down the angry Ian Crossland (On the right) with a nonchalant, charismatic, and just slightly rebellious smile. Khan said that Crossland was in her face about the whole situation, and she only stood her ground because she’s not easily intimidated.

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