Woman Ended Up In Hospital After Drinking Three Glasses Of Wine At A Work Party & Things Went Really Bad

Bad days are a part of life.

Even though we sometimes think that this might be the worst day of our life, there is a 100% chance that someone is having a worse day than us. This lady, however, takes the cake.

Because rather than having one bad day, she had a whole lousy month. I know how awful that sounds, but she took it all with a smile, and that is what’s most inspiring about this story.

It all started with three glasses of wine. Doesn’t it always start with alcohol, though? So scroll on below and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride.

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And so it started in the first week of May.

When she drank three glasses of wine.

So the story starts with a bang.

Day 2: Lying down in pain.

Well, at least she knows now.

Day 3: Healing up nicely.

That must have sucked.

I did not want to see that but oh well.

Wait, things are getting even more interesting!?

Day 4: Almost healed.

Pain meds are quite fun.

Day 5: Amazing that she is still smiling.

Wow, the healing is quite fast.

I am honestly thinking that too.

Wow, that is a huge bed bug!

Yes, I have, and that is quite true.

I feel really bad for her now.

Sounds about right.

Day 8: She looks great!

Temporary tooth it is.

She already got a new plastic tooth!

Wow, that took no time at all.

Honestly, It doesn’t look that bad.

And so it ends here.

What are your thoughts on her whole journey? Have you ever had such a bad week? If so, why not comment down below and let us know?

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