Woman’s Heartwarming Twitter Post About Helping Old Lady Will Revive Your Faith In Humanity

The new challenges and changes that come with aging require our flexibility.

Whether its a parent, grandparent, relative or a friend. There are a lot of ways you can help socially isolated and lonely seniors in your community. It is often difficult to witness the deterioration of mental and physical abilities in an elderly loved one. But, instead of focusing on the negatives, lend a helping hand and let them know that you’re there to help.

Even though reaching out to the elderly may be an intensely overwhelming experience. This woman’s heartwarming Twitter post about helping an old lady will help you overlook challenges.

Celeste was on the way to the gym when she saw an elderly lady sitting on the sidewalk. It seemed like an eerie place to sit, which made her uneasy, so she decided to go back.

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She drove around the block and asked her if she was okay.

After hearing the old lady’s story, Celeste helped her to her feet, got her into her car and drove her to her senior center.

She put her cane in the back and promised her that she’ll give it back to her.

Celeste was glad that she went back to check and didn’t just assume that the old lady was okay.

“If you’re able, always take a minute and check if someone needs help.”

Celeste is officially available at your service.

Asking if someone is okay is always a good place to start.

Always stop to help!

Twitter couldn’t help but praise Celeste for her act of kindness!




Source: Twitter

Seniors are accustomed to leading productive lives, as are you. You can always volunteer to help the elderly by contacting national and local volunteer groups. However, to begin with, if you think an aged person on the street needs help, don’t walk away thinking that they’re okay.

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