Young Woman Who Gouged Own Eyes Out While On Meth Reveals Why Did She Do It

Unlike a regular booze problem, most people with a meth addiction will do the craziest of things.

And they’ll do almost anything to get more meth. In an effort to get back to the high they have lost. Moreover, methamphetamine can, unlike other drugs, directly cause a permanent psychosis. It makes people hallucinate and delusional, therefore, making them do all kinds of bizarre shit. Like the effects of some drugs like alcohol are well understood, others are more of a mystery. However, the drug eventually loses all of its fun aspects when you require meth to function like other people do every day. As it did for 20-year-old Kaylee Muthart.

Nonetheless, she did the most reckless and irrational thing.

On February 6th, she was found outside of a church in a meth-induced state, gouging out her eyes. Fortunately, despite her tumultuous delirium, a team of local deputies was able to restrain her long enough till she could be transported to a trauma unit. There even came a point when her mother Toby Tonkins was told that her daughter had gone blind.

However, after spending a few weeks in the hospital and a nearby psychiatry ward for recovery, Muthart was ready to share her new lease on life, after she was discharged from the hospital on March 1st.

“It’s the same life, but I’m just learning everything in a new way. Life’s more beautiful now, life’s more beautiful than it was being on drugs. It is a horrible world to live in,” Muthart told PEOPLE.

Muthart first came across meth, when coworkers offered her marijuana laced with either cocaine or meth, months before the incident. Moreover, when she first came across meth, she felt an extreme high like never before. Once she realized she had been dosed, she quit the job immediately.

However, she eventually caved in when another coworker, at her new job pressured her into using meth.

“I took a video while I was on it, and I had been up three days straight. I eventually got taken home and got sober and watched the videos, and put that person out of my life and stopped using the drug.”

It was then when she realized that it was time for her to call it quits because her meth addiction was getting out of hand.

“I thought everyone who had died was stuck in their graves, that God was up in Heaven alone, and that I had to sacrifice something important to be able to release everyone in the world to God. It made the world darker, and took everything I believed in and distorted them to make me go down the path to pulling out my eyes,” she said.

Muthart is now trying to improve her relationship with God, working her way through the feelings that were induced because of the addiction.

Do you have people in your circle that get so far gone on meth that they end up doing the most irrational things? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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