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Woman Gets Back At Narcissistic Co-Worker With A Long-Running Prank

Woman Gets Back At Narcissistic Co-Worker With A Long-Running Prank

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 9, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

The long con.

The difficulties of a job can often be very closely related to your coworkers and the people you deal with. If you work in customer service, you know how some customers can be very irritating, and that you’re personally tired of having to deal with them on a daily basis. Eventually, it stops being about just the job, and more about the physical exhaustion that comes with dealing people. With customers, at least, you don’t have to worry too much about coming across them again. The experience is often so mutually bad that no one wants to experience it again.

Sometimes, however, you come across someone who thinks they know better and at the same time, happen to be a coworker. In this case, it’s not as easy as having to deal with them once and then disappearing, because you have to interact with them consistently. Sometimes on a daily basis. Take the story of this woman, Amy, and her obnoxious coworker, Faye. Now Faye is a lot of things, and she makes sure that everyone knows every single thing about it. She’ll talk about how all her items, from her shoes to her hair, cost more than yours, and how her children are all angels that bless the very soil they walk on.

To get back at her, Amy accidentally fell into this prank just because of how annoying Faye is and made up a son named Tim (coincidentally named by Faye herself).

Source: ehwellpffft

The fake son

Faye has been there and done that.

They worked together for two days.

Faye is always right.

Stephen graduated.

She went along with the lie.

She got fully invested.

Simple Minds.

Her face would turn crimson.

He’s a total sweetheart.

Fake son returns.

She’s proud of her little Timmy.

What about you? Have you met many Fayes in your life?

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