Woman Gets Attacked For Trying To Save A Baby Seal

Allow me to introduce to you Sarah Tough and Tally

Facebook | Sarah Tough

No, that’s not a spelling mistake or a hiccup. This girl’s actual name is Tough. I mean, that’s a story all on its own, but there’s more. One day, Tough was taking her dog, Tally, out for a walk in Cramond Beach, in County Durham, England. Unfortunately, she saw a bunch of stupid kids playing with and hurting a baby seal.

And a confrontation ensued because… Well, she’s a Tough girl, after all.

But they started attacking Tough because they were idiots.

Facebook | Sarah Tough

All of this info came from a post she made. Recounting the events, she said:

Got punched in the nose by some little smack head because him and his pals were torturing a baby seal on Crimdon beach, rolling him around and burying it in the sand, letting their dog on it. Told them to *#** off or I’d call the police and he punched me! Tally bit him and they all rain off.

She further elaborates

Facebook | Sarah Tough

“[They] got there in record time and gave him some food. He’s fine but very scared and exhausted. I have a nose piercing and the punch meant that my piercing punctured my septum. The rest of them started to laugh when I was hit.
Luckily, it’s not broken, but there was a lot of blood and it was like a searing hot pain. It’s still sore now. I’m not so worried about myself though, I’m just glad the seal is safe.”

It garnered a lot of attention, but thankfully, the seal was safe

Facebook | Sarah Tough

But seriously, though. There’s a girl who’s name is literally “Tough,” and you decide to be an asshole in front of her? Those kids are lucky she didn’t open a can of whoop-ass on their behinds.

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