Woman Finds Out Her Brother Has A ‘Furry’ Kink So Her Brother Tweeted Her Epic Reaction

Welcome to the furry twitter!

Let’s just say; you just found out that your brother or sister is a furry. What would you do? Would you accept them with open arms or do what this girl did? And that is, become a meme.

Well, whatever your thoughts on furries you have to admit that you would be incredibly surprised to learn that your brother is a furry. So when the sister of Cinnamon Subwoofer learned that he was a furry, her reaction was priceless.

Meet Cinnamon Subwoofer.

Her reaction is truly epic.

And unsurprisingly, her reaction quickly turned her into a meme.

There were also puns.

While her brother kept us updated.

You never know who is a furry after all.

I honestly really want this shirt now.


Then to top it all off.


His favorite artist chimed in.


And made this amazing artwork.


That is honestly so meta.

And this whole thread soon reached the reaction queen herself.

This video, however, sent the Internet into another frenzy.


I certainly feel her pain.


But her 5 seconds of Internet fame soon ended.

But I don’t think she is all too sad about her Internet fame being over. While she may not have fully understood why her brother is a furry, at least she wasn’t rude about it and took it in stride. That’s more than we can say for many other families and friends.

So comment on below and let us know what you thought about Furry Twitter welcoming Cinnamon’s sister.


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