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Woman Fat-Shamed This Teenager In A Bakery So She Took Immediate Revenge That Totally Pissed Her Off

Woman Fat-Shamed This Teenager In A Bakery So She Took Immediate Revenge That Totally Pissed Her Off

Revenge is even sweeter if you get to eat a lot of cupcakes.

Yes, I just said that and it’ll make complete sense once you read the story of Vega Blossom. I am sure you already know there are many people in this world who just love to hate on others and make them feel sorry for themselves.

Well that is what two women were trying to do to Vega. However rather than listening to their nonsense. She did something hilarious and incredible. Maybe these haters learned their or maybe they didn’t.

Either way Internet got to have another hilarious story and you can never have enough of those. So scroll on below and take a look.

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Meet Vega Blossom, A brilliant 19-year-old girl.


Via Vega Blossom

Following is the whole story of how she served sweet revenge to those who hated on her.

“When I heard the nasty things the women said, I honestly wanted to cry.”

Via Vega Blossom

“It really hurt my feelings.”

Via Vega Blossom

“Hopefully, this was a lesson in treating others kindly, and maybe a lesson in karma as well.”




Via Vega Blossom

“I looked the pair straight in the eye and asked ‘could you please open the door for me?”

Via Vega Blossom

“My hands are afterall a bit full.”

Via Vega Blossom

“Reluctantly, one woman held the door open before following me outside.”

Via Vega Blossom

“I think, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Via Vega Blossom

“I am NOT sorry for taking all of the cupcakes.”

Via Vega Blossom

She probably dealt with the hate easily because this isn’t her first time getting bullied.

Via Vega Blossom

As evident by this message.

There was a lot of hate when the story went viral.

It seems like people really love to use anonymity to hurt others.

And this effects these people how?

However wherever there is darkness, there is also light.

So thankfully, there was also a lot of support for her.

That is probably what I would have done.

People only read what they like.

And yet people love to express there opinion even when it is not wanted.

Curvy gals indeed rule!

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think she did the right thing? Or would you rather side with the haters? Comment on below and let us know!

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