Woman Who Was Fat Shamed By People Talks About Her Recovery And Its An Eye Opener

Why is fat shaming still a thing?

Why can’t we just agree to the fact that humans come in all shapes and sizes and that its best to just mind our own business? Recently, a woman was fat shamed on the streets. As she was passing by a couple of teens, the teens made pig noises to make fun of her.

Like, seriously? Grow up, guys.

This is the woman, Eva Vermeiren. She is currently twenty years old.

Ever since she was 16, she had been struggling with eating disorders such as anorexia. Her depression and self-harm tendencies made it even harder for her to recover, but luckily, she’s on the right track!

However, she had a lot to say about the teens who fat-shamed her.

At first, she started doubting herself.

She opened up about her struggles.

She is still struggling but doing better than back then.

She is on her way to being fully alive.

She now owns her size and her life.

She feels stronger and says mental health should be discussed more often.

“Although I still don’t have a healthy weight, I am so much happier now. I am going to own my size. I hope one day I can mean something to the world. I hope by then, they have seen and read this article and learned from it.”


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