Woman On Facebook Said “Men Are F***ing Dogs” So A Girl Commented A Horrible Secret About Her

Humans love to blame others.

And who can blame us? After all, nobody wants to admit that it is their own fault that they are in this mess. I mean, I shouldn’t preach this either since I have done this plenty of time knowingly and unknowingly.

However, there are times when it is clear to everyone including yourself, that you are in fact in the wrong. So what do you do in a time like that? Blame someone else, of course.

At least that is what was going in this woman’s mind when she posted “Men are f***ing dogs on her Facebook.”

Why would someone generalize a whole gender? That doesn’t make any sense.

And surprisingly, some people agreed with her!

At least someone was intelligent enough to realize that.

And then there was this story which just put the icing on the cake.

Hold on; this is where it gets really interesting.

And boom goes the dynamite. Did anyone see that coming? Because I sure didn’t. So it is not at all surprising that this post went viral and people have all kinds of different thoughts (mostly negative) about the women who called all men dogs.

Never generalize an entire group!

Yeah, nothing is going to save her from that.

Dumb people are always dumb. Granted a breakup just makes it worse.

And you should be honored! Dogs are amazing!

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