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Woman Explains How Grief And Sadness Hits Us With This Ball Theory And It's Spot On

Woman Explains How Grief And Sadness Hits Us With This Ball Theory And It’s Spot On

Grief and Sadness are a part of life

We all experience these emotions at some point. Though these emotions occur naturally, they can be tough to deal with. Most of the time we bottle up our feelings because either we don’t have someone to talk to or we don’t know exactly how to put our emotions into words. As a result, it takes a toll on our mental health and puts us at a higher risk of developing mental illnesses.

Surely, depression differs from sadness in the sense that sadness if often temporary and fades away with time. However, if left unchecked/untreated it can get worse. But you will be surprised to know that with a simple “ball in a box” concept you can easily explain how you feel to other people. Talking and opening up to somebody always helps. It makes you feel lighter and better; hence, saving you from all the unhealthy/negative thoughts. Twitter user, Lauren Herschel shared this incredible theory, and it’s something everyone needs to see. Check it out!

Via LaurenHerschel

The ball and the box analogy.

Picture it like this.

In that box, there is also a pain button.

At first, the grief is too much.

But with time it fades.

It might not necessarily go away completely, but it buys us enough time to heal.

Lauren shared this theory with her father, and it certainly helped.

But as it appears, her father was not the only one who found it useful.

People totally loved this analogy and can’t seem to thank Lauren enough for sharing this.

It’s even useful in treating patients.

Though there are other ways of expressing it, the box and the ball theory is indeed quite handy.

What do you think about it? Can you relate to it as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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