This Woman Loves To Dress Up Her Two Mastiffs And Delivers Hilarious One-Liners Using The Doggos

Are you ready for cheesy one-liners?

Why am I asking that? Nobody is ever ready for those. Because let’s be honest, they are usually very stupid and never work unless you’re really into the cheesiness. However, dogs make everything work.

So when one woman dressed up her two mastiffs into a cheeky couple and used one-liners, funnily enough, it all just came together. The two dogs are 10-year-old Madeline and 7-year-old Barnabas.

And unsurprisingly, these two adorable pups have become Insta-famous.

Maddy and Barn are super food motivated!!. They will do anything for a treat! Plus by nature they are extremely chill, so that helps a lot.

For example, when I took the pirate picture, I forgot to remove the hats and Maddy’s eye patch because I was so busy looking at the pictures I had taken. A few minutes later I turned around and they were STILL sitting there.

Hands down Maddy is more behaved! Barn is good but he can be mischievous at times. Maddy is a perfect, sweet little lady. I mean REALLY perfect!

I just thought it would be something funny and unique and something I hadn’t seen anyone else do. Honestly I never thought everyone would love them so much!


Source: Instagram

#1 Why get thinner?

#2 Extra fries for everyone!

#3 Mermaid for each other.

#4 Blaming each other.

#5 Pizza is love.

#6 Making my heart skip a beet.

#7 Not a photographer.

#8 Sharing pizza Yoda style.

#9 Everything I’ve been looking for.

#10 Perfect hair.

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