Woman Draws Her ‘Imaginary’ Childhood Friends She Used To See Before Medication & It’s Spine Chilling

Was it all really just a dream?

That’s what I think when I have a dream that really does feel real. I mean what if it was all real? And dreaming is the only way we can comprehend all those things? That is the question this woman raises with her story.

You see, she went through some mental problems that resulted in her seeing things that weren’t there. However, these ‘creatures’ felt real to her. Even though she doesn’t see them anymore, she remembers them fondly.

I honestly miss them and like to think they are real. They are just waiting for me somewhere else.

They slept with me every night, in order for me to not fear them, but the first few times they crawled into bed with me was the scariest. It was like having a sleepover with your best friends every day. We conversed, sang, swam, ate, enjoyed one another.

It was peaceful in a way.


Source: Imgur

This is Sierra, the girl who saw ‘the world beyond the world.’

And she would talk to her imaginary friends all the time.

And so the story starts.

She even drew all the characters as best as she could.

And described how each of these creatures acted like.

And this is the body of the creature.

I in no way think that she made it up.

And this is how ‘Frenzo’ looked like.

And he really does look like a wise creature.

She was enthralled by the magic her mind had created.

And she was truly absorbed by the magical world.

This is her best friend ‘Subterra Angelo.’

Who she remembers fondly.

She was the one who helped Sierra through a lot.

And this is the sister of Subterra Angelo.

Who had a mean streak.

What are your thoughts on this whole story? Have you ever gone through something like this? If so, why not share your personal thoughts below because talking about it really does help.

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