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Woman Discovers A Creepy Passageway Into Her House That An Intruder Used To Rob Her

Woman Discovers A Creepy Passageway Into Her House That An Intruder Used To Rob Her

This is what nightmares are made of.

Do you know what’s even scarier than a ghost or a witch? A person living in a small crawl space right inside your house who comes out when you’re asleep. While this may sound made up and the stuff of horror movies…

But this is exactly what happened with one woman. You see, she was staying in a hotel room when she came upon a woman ransacking her room. Surprised and shocked to see a robber being caught, rather than calling the police right away, she let her go.

But that is not even the crazy part! The insane part is the thief had actually been living right beside her for god knows how long. So scroll on below and take a look as the woman herself explains her story.

Source: Facebook

I’m all buckled up to get on with this story.

At least she said something, When I was in her situation, I actually just froze.

Not a very bright idea but I can understand that anyone would be shocked.

So obviously a junkie of some kind.

Wait, Why did she have a bat? Did she intend to hurt someone?


And this is where it gets truly horror movie-esque.

Now, That is definitely a surprise. Who would’ve thought?

I shudder just imagining that.

Nobody could have guessed.

Now, I am always going to check every passageway, under every mirror to see if anyone is living behind it.

What would you have done in her situation? Call the cops right away? Comment down below and let us know.

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