Woman Absolutely Destroyed This Scammer In The Most Hilarious Way & The Conversation Is Way Too Funny

Scammers can be found everywhere on the Internet.

If you’ve got a random message from someone with no mutual friends, what are the chances it might be a scammer? People are getting sick of them, and it’s clear to see why.

However, one woman decided to pull off the classic “Barbara O’Cumbungle” again and hilariously wasted this scammer’s time. She was approached by an unknown Indian man who tried to scam her. Check out her hilarious response below:


Meet Anil AKA Anal Khullar.

He wants to “love and sex” this lovely white woman.

And, of course, the conversation became about money! What a surprise!

“Mitie cock”

And then he wants bobs too.

The things people do for money…

Anal from anas.

Just making sure he fulfilled the promise.

She reaches Western Union.


Playtime is over.

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