World’s Most Colourful Apartment Is The Envy Of Unicorns And The Home Of Mucci

Meet Amina Mucciolo

She also goes by Studio Mucci and her life is nothing if not colourful. Donning rainbow braids, glitter makeup, and bright, colourful clothing, Mucciolo is a designer who has done wonders to her home. Rainbow paper cranes hang from the ceiling, the walls are light purple, all the furniture is pastel, and she’s even got a Hello Kitty microwave.

It’s so bright and full of rainbows that it leaves you in awe.

Mucciolo said,

It’s really important to me that where I live is a reflection of me and my personality, and also of my husband, We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring.

You can even check out her nearly 200K follower Instagram. It’s definitely going to add some colour to your life.

Just look at what her apartment’s become.

It’s no wonder that she has 170K followers entranced

This is what unicorn heaven looks like

Even her cupboards are rainbow

Everything just screams “aesthetic”

Source: Instagram



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