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Woman Live Tweets Her Hilarious Story Of Bringing Justice To IRS Scammer

Woman Live Tweets Her Hilarious Story Of Bringing Justice To IRS Scammer

Scamming someone isn’t as easy as it seems.

After all, people have become much more intelligent than they used to be. And most of us know about a fantastic thing known as the Internet where every type of information is present from adorable cat videos to the horrors of the dark web.

Today, however, we aren’t here to talk about these. We are here to talk about much more important matters. Yes, even more important than the dark web. And it is about how so many people think scamming is okay.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble. But not only is scamming incredibly stupid, but it’s also illegal. So when one woman got a call from the ‘IRS’ about how she had not paid her previous taxes, she had an ingenious idea.

Source: Twitter

Rather than immediately calling him out, She went along with the scam.

And she was kind enough to share the call with us in the form of a transcript.

Are we sure that it was a telemarketer, though? I suspect that it was someone trying to steal her credit information.

So following is the full transcript that she was kind enough to share.

Going along with A scammer is pretty fun, to be honest.

Yes, that is a very important question.

She has a point. It is tough to ignore. Does he even know what a CP523 looks like?

Wait! When did Comcast get into this?

Oh damn! He knows that she is playing him hard.

We totally understand what you’re going through.

The last part about him not being good at it is probably what hurt the most.

Can you send it to me too? It would be a great conversation starter.

We are all living vicariously through her.

And what job was he doing exactly?

True, that is what they usually do.

Well, it would have been as hilarious to read if you had blown your cover though.

Have you ever been called by a scammer? If so, how did you respond? Did you get angry or was it ‘entertainment’ for you? Comment on below and let us know.

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