Woman Asked Twitter To Help Her Find Stranger She Kissed On And Internet Delivered

It’s no surprise why the Eiffel tower has witnessed so many marriage proposals. Romance wanders down the ancient streets of the utterly romantic city. The city which rows of grey zinc floors and spellbinding views, creates a breathtaking canvas for couples! There’s no doubting that Paris is one of the most romantic cities. Nonetheless, the list pf romantic setting in Paris can be endless. A tweeter named Juliana Corrales kissed a guy at the top of the Eiffel tower. But, she was too flustered to plan for the future by getting his phone number.

However, there’s a solution for that – Twitter!

Kissed this great guy on the top of the Eiffel Tower, biggest regret is that I didn’t get his number, Twitter can ya help a girl out? pic.twitter.com/ZkNqXc1a9J

— Juliana Corrales (@juju_corrales) January 8, 2018

She asked the internet to identify the mystery man

More so, the story’s already been picked up all over the internet and viewed at least over a million times!

You know the kiss is special when it ends with a handshake

The whole thing started when Corrale and three of her friends decided to visit Paris. And she immediately made a pact with herself to kiss someone on the Eiffel tower.

Because, why not right?

Okay so here’s the backstory. I went on a school trip to Paris for 12 days with my 3 best friends, ever since my amazing parents surprised me with the news, I made a pact with myself that I would kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower.

— Juliana Corrales (@juju_corrales) January 9, 2018

She was absolutely clueless about who she was going to kiss. But sometimes all you have to do is dream. And sometimes the dream may include sealing a kiss with a stranger on the perfect vantage point.

Naturally, it can be quite a challenge – or not!

But luckily my friend @danielleecallaw saw Gavin and like total spazzes we followed him around the top level and she tapped on his shoulder and then backed away to let me speak. Somehow I managed to make concise sentences and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind kissing me

— Juliana Corrales (@juju_corrales) January 9, 2018

And he just couldn’t say no

“To my dismay he actually agreed to kiss me,” wrote Corrales, who either chose the wrong word there or was having second thoughts and feeling understandably nervous.

‘It was pretty cool.’

As the tweets went viral. Twitter did the one thing they’ve always been pros at – invading the privacy of others! And the search commenced.

To everyone’s shock and awe, a user found his mom’s Instagram!

Soon after finding him on social media, it was discovered by these amateur internet detectives that Gavin was already in a relationship. Based on the sketchy evidence supposedly found on Facebook, he wasn’t in a position of accepting Juliana’s tower top kiss.

While others’ defended him “also” by invading his privacy.

And then Juliana herself weighed in to cool things down a bit!

So I saw that u guys found Gavin hahah and whether he has a girlfriend or not, I would just like to thank everyone for finding him and being so supportive. If you guys wouldn’t mind please to not bother him or his mom, I would hate to disrupt their lives too much

— Juliana Corrales (@juju_corrales) January 9, 2018




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