Woman Adopts A Dog Which Turns Out To Be Her Long Lost Puppy From Childhood

Our pets are like our family.

Heck, Sometimes we are closer to our pets than our own family which is perfectly okay. After all, they don’t judge you or even get angry at you. Your pets support you no matter what. So it is understandable that when the 10-year-old Nicole got her dog taken away from her, she was devastated.

You see, Nicole’s grandmother had given her a puppy as a surprise whom she named Chloe Bear. They were best pals since the day they met and this lasted for over 4 years.

Source: Dodo

She was such a sweet dog. She would lick your face forever if you didn’t stop her.

But it all changed when her dad found a new job.

You see, he needed a home office that was quiet and peaceful, so he took Chloe Bear to Washington Area Humane Society. As you can imagine, Nicole was not at all happy to see this but what could she do?

She called the Humane Society several times but couldn’t find the dog.

So sometime later when she found a Facebook post about a senior dog who needed a home, She was quite interested. And to top it off, the dog looked eerily like Chloe Bear. “It looked similar to my puppy when I was little,” she told the Observer-Reporter.

It looked similar to my puppy when I was little. So, on a whim, I said, ‘I’ll take her.’

When she first met the dog, it acted exactly like Chloe.

So Nicole thought to check Chloe’s chip number and lo and behold, it was Chloe Bear!

She’s made herself right at home. Chloe is happy. I think she knows now that she’ll be with me forever. -Nicole

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