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This Woman's Sister Adopted A Pitbull In Need Of A Home And It'll Make You Melt

This Woman’s Sister Adopted A Pitbull In Need Of A Home And It’ll Make You Melt

Dogs Can Be Insanely Cute.

You all might already know the saying ‘adopt, don’t shop’. We should listen to it since there are loads of dogs in shelters in need of our help and love. That is also what Meriah Jae believes.

So she couldn’t have been more proud of her sister when she adopted a Pitbull in need of a home. This, of course, went viral on twitter with over 133,000 retweets and 345,000 likes. Everyone has been very encouraging in the comments, even going as far to give some helpful tips.

The following dog’s name is Charlie.

Charlie Needed A Home.

Via Twitter

Charlie obviously loves all the attention as he finally found a family that loves him. Be warned though; the following pictures might make your heart melt.

Meriah Jae Is Really Proud Of Her Sister.


Charlie Seems To Be Having A Blast.

Via Twitter

The Before And After Pictures Garnered A Lot Of Attention On Twitter.

Via Twitter

The Community Joined In For Some Positive Messages.


Many Were Giving Her Some Helpful Tips.


Many Appreciated His Crown Flower.

People Soon Joined In For Some Of Their Personal Stories.

Pretty Soon Everyone Was Posting Before And After Pictures.

Don’t Know What They Were Thinking; He Is Adorable.

A Very True Statement.

By the time anyone realized what was happening, the post was filled with everyone sharing their own rescue stories. Some even shared their own dog’s pictures.

A Few Months Can Make A Huge Difference.

He Seems To Be Very Happy.

Well, I Am Sure That Has Something To Do With That Orange Bandanna.


What did you think of the above pictures and rescue stories? Do you have any stories to tell? If so, comment on below as we would love to hear from you.

More info: Twitter

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