Pixie’s Friends Wanted To Wish Brutus Merry Christmas But Things Took A Different Turn

They just wanted to wish him Merry Christmas.

Christmas is the time where you forget your differences and come together in Christmas spirit. However, this is not how everyone acts. Some people love to keep up their rough exterior even on Christmas.

Brutus is one of those people or…dogs. You see Pixie’s friends wanted to wish Brutus a Merry Christmas. After all, that is what Christmas is about. Brutus did seem quite unsociable at first, but Pixie’s friends knew the exterior is not always the truth.

Although maybe this time it was. We have previously written about Pixie and their friends, and you can check it out here.


It seemed like a nice gesture and all at first.

Even though he seemed unsocial, that was not going to stop Pixie’s friends.

He does not seem happy to see Lola and Wrinkles.

Maybe he has a resting b*tch face?

Well, their reaction says it all.

Now, that is not nice. Don’t look at the scar!

Going away is the better option here.

I don’t know about nails, but small rocks sound about right.

Wait, it ended already? What did Brutus do after? I want more! What about you? What are your thoughts on this comic strip? Comment down below and let us know.

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