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Wife Gets Hilarious Revenge On Her Husband's Mother When She Insults Him

Wife Gets Hilarious Revenge On Her Husband’s Mother When She Insults Him

Parents are always right.

That is what you’ve heard all your life, right? Well, I am sorry to break it to you, but that is not true at all. After all, parents are ordinary humans too. And that means that even our parents can have mental disorders.

While I know that we should at least try to help people with mental disorders, that doesn’t mean we can’t get frustrated when they don’t listen to us. After all, don’t they understand that we are just trying to help them?

That is exactly why one guy has a problem with his mother who might be bi-polar.

Source: Reddit

Following is the story of him and his mother.

And no matter your thoughts on gun control, you can’t possibly think everyone will agree with them.

Just because you sometimes use guns, doesn’t make you a gun nut.

Okay, this just went from somewhat rude to full-on crazy.

I think the main problem is her shitty parenting not the matter about gun control.

I have never heard of being ‘too’ Canadian.

He even elaborated about the life he lived with his mother.

And all I can say is that he is certainly pretty patient.

I mean, it must be hell to deal with her.

You should definitely not feel guilty because she sounds like a complete nightmare.

And people seem to agree with me on that.

I am thankful that my mother isn’t like this.



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