Wife Makes A Chart For Husband To Stamp On Days She Doesn’t Get Mad But He Does Something Even More Special

These are couple goals right here.

You know what the foundation of a good relationship is? Well, in my humble opinion it’s teamwork. Because why else do you get in a relationship? It’s obviously for the love and support you expect from your significant other.

That is what the Twitter user @c___i___y___o believes. You see, she has a short temper and she wanted to improve herself. So she made a chart so her husband could stamp the days she didn’t get mad.

Now, that is cute in itself, but her husband went beyond just stamping, he added adorable little notes at the end of the stamp. Having someone who is there for you through thick and thin is always very helpful.

And she is clearly grateful.

Following are the notes at the end of each week.

It was a lot of fun just relaxing and spending winter break together. Let’s make this year great too. Let’s go lots of fun places, eat lots of good food, and laugh a lot.

I had to go back to work after break, but thanks to your help, it was easy. Every time I eat one of the delicious bento lunches you make me, I feel like I’m not alone, and I’m so thankful to have you.

Going to the gym on Sundays, and going to Ginza too, we had a full week. Looking forward to next week.

We went to the gym a lot this week, we did well. I’m going to do my best, so let’s work hard together.

Thanks for showing me around Tokyo over the weekend. It reminded me of when we went to Shirokane together, and was a fun time. So looking forward to our nice house being built!

I’m sorry for being so useless on Sunday and making you feel bad.
I love you. You are my pillar, my axle, the foundation of everything I do and think.

From here on, I want to do everything I can to make you happy, by paying attention to the small things as we continue our life together.

This might be the most adorable thing ever.

What are your thoughts on this simplistic approach? Comment on below and let us know.

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