Working Father Of 3 Says His Wife ”Does Nothing Much” All Day And Everyone Agrees

Being a parent is hard work.

Especially if you are working AND taking care of your child. However, many people seem to forget about the stay-at-home mothers and fathers. After all, the person earning money is the real hard worker in the family, right?

Who cares about the stay-at-home parent? All they get to do is relax and watch TV after all. You see, that is exactly what this dad wanted to talk about. The fact that he was at work while his wife was taking care of their three children.

Scroll on below and take a look at what he had to say about it all.

Source: DadMum | Mrs DadMum | Instagram

This is the family that does it all, Brad Kearns and his stay-at-home wife, Sarah.

A while ago, Brad decided to take to Facebook to talk about stay-at-home parents.

And he says that his wife doesn’t really do much at all.

After all, how hard is it take care of three kids all day?

It’s easy work while Brad is doing all the ‘real’ work. Right?

Well, That is where many of us are wrong, and he wanted to shed some light.

So people could understand how hard it really is being a stay-at-home parent.

And he thanks her for being the glue of the family.

Understandably, people loved the post.

And some even had their own stories to share.

After all, many people go through the same thing.

She definitely does.


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