Wife Catches Husband Cheating After Seeing Photos Of Their Cat And Home On Another Girl’s Instagram

According to Dante’s epic The Divine Comedy,

Which was the basis of our modern day idea of hell, there are nine circles of hell. The outer most circle is the “softest” hell, and the innermost is the harshest. Can you guess what the deepest, hottest, most awful circle of hell is booked for?

It’s for those who are treacherous. Alternatively, traitors. People who talk behind your back. Fake friends. Cheaters.

Like Dmitry Rudenok, a 27-year old who is married to Anna Rudenok, 24. They’ve got a son together, but that didn’t stop Dmitry from cheating on his partner with one of his students, Emilia Ignatova, 19. This story, coming out from Russia, shows exactly how our entire society has changed with social media.

See, Anna was able to catch his partner cheating because Dmitry would often like her pictures which she seemed inappropriate. And rightly so, because later, Emilia posted pictures of herself topless, or wearing Anna’s clothes, or playing with their cat.

Source: The Siberian Times

This is Anna Rudenok.

She caught Emilia posting pictures where her son slept.

As well as topless pictures where they used to live.

Emilia, by her own admission, is an “instagram model”.

When confronted, neither of them denied the accusations.

This is Dmitry, and reportedly told his wife, “I’ll destroy you, I’ll bury you, I won’t care that you are the mother of my child.”

Emilia has turned her public account private since then.

Dmitry has deleted his social media in response.

Dmitry has also admitted to the relationship going as long as 18 months.

Their affair reportedly happened during the times that Anna went away to her mothers.

This story exploded when it came out in Russia.

Right now, there’s no news of any kind of divorce.

But Anna has taken her son to her mothers.

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