Woman’s Horror Story Shows Why Women Feel Fear In Everyday Life Situations

Being a woman has its ups and downs.

No, I am not trying to say that being a man is all sunshine and rainbow, but today we are going to focus on some plights that women face every day. For instance, selling something online might seem like a harmless thing. After all, what could really happen?

Well, as it turns out, a lot can happen if we are not too ‘careful’ and our judgement ends up being wrong. That is exactly what happened with this Twitter user so she decided to share her experience with other people so they could understand too.

You see, she was trying to sell her clothes dryer online. As expected she couldn’t meet with the buyer in a cafe or something since they had to take it out from her house. And so she had to decide on when to call the potential buyer. Scroll on below and take a look at what happened afterwards.

Source: Twitter

Selling something online might seem quite harmless at first, but women still have to be careful.

So she called the buyer when she knew her husband would be at home.

However, unsurprisingly that didn’t really work.

Now she had a decision to make, whether to let him in or not.

So she decides that it’s okay to let him in, after all, he didn’t look strange.

And she also helps him get the dryer out of the basement.

Then it all takes a turn for the worst.

She could tell right there and then that she made the wrong decision.

Anyone would feel the same in that horrible situation.

It only got worse from there, but she ignored all the comments.

You might think it wasn’t such a big deal, but it doesn’t end there.

The point of this whole story? I think she explains it perfectly.

As it turns out, he really was a creep.

She even had to call the police for her and her children’s sake.

It might be 2018, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Comment down below and let us know what you thought of this story. Have you ever experienced something like this?

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