20 Reasons Why Thigh Gaps Are Straight Up Dumb

Thigh gaps are a thing

Many girls have an obsession with attaining it. They believe that the length of something, (specifically the area between their thighs) matters, just like guys. Some can’t attain it no matter how hard they try, and others can’t shake it no matter how many attempts they make.

Nevertheless, it persists in culture as a way of showing attractiveness. Even though it varies from person to person.

So consistently insisting thigh gap = good, and no thigh gap = bad is very, very stupid.

#1 I blame Spongebob

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#2 Thigh gaps mean danger for your phone


#3 Thick thighs are better anyway


#4 More puppies is more love

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#5 This would be funny if Amy Schumer wasn’t crass and the wage gap wasn’t a myth.


#6 It’s like a spare bowl


#7 It’s motivational support.

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#8 When you don’t want to take a plate with you

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#9 Best sister too

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#10 Alternate function: cup holders


#11 Mermaid mutation


#12 Is it worth being hungry?


#13 Pizza > Everything


#13 These are the thigh gaps I can get behind


#14 It’s a happily ever after with zero gaps

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#15 I’d focus more on the wage gap if it was real and didn’t compare doctors to teachers, or those who worked 40 hours a week to those who worked 20.


#16 If Beyonce doesn’t need it, why do you?


#17 After all, Beyonce is a role model


#18 Speaking of role models, Marilyn Monroe didn’t have a thigh gap and she’s considered the epitome of beauty.

Divine Marilyn

#19 It’s a part of your body. No need to be so upset over it.



#20 In the end, it’s vital that we accept ourselves for who we are and strive for better.

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