Guy’s Twitter Thread Explains Why Season 8 Of GOT Feels Different & It Makes So Much Sense

Game Of Thrones is not the same show anymore.

This sentence is on the tongues of many these days. While I do love some seasons of Game of Thrones, even I can admit this season, in particular, seems a lot different. It is not entirely bad; just different. And many people can’t get on board with that.

Now what I am about to say will be considered heresy, but I have to admit that I thought about stopping the season 8 in the middle because I just wasn’t interested anymore. Anyway, I did not do that, and while the action and the whole plot is eye-catching, all of it just seems so rushed.

But that is understandable since they have to end the show sometimes and this is probably it. One Twitter user has decided to explain the technical reasons why GOT fans can feel a difference in the past two seasons. Scroll on below and take a look at what he has to say.

Source: Twitter

He explains it all without any spoilers.

So apparently there are plotters and pantsers.

After all, there are many types of writers.

And we all know that GRRM is a pantser.

In all honesty, many writers I know, including myself, are pantsers for better or for worse.

He just had a different writing style than the showrunners.

However, they wanted to end the show epically and satisfyingly.


Now, I am not sure everyone will love the ending, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be satisfying.

After all, tying up all the loose threads is tough work.

We can all only hope for a good ending, I suppose.

Most people have noticed the dissonance.

A very nice dire-wolf indeed.

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