10+ People Reveal Why They Don’t Hang Out With Their Best Friend Anymore & It’s Too Much Drama

We have all lost a very close friend at least once in our lives.

It is sad, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. Sometimes, people cut off over the smallest of things it’s almost ridiculous. However, at times, it is completely justifiable. Some friendships can be toxic and need to be let go of. Know what a healthy friendship is and don’t let people take advantage of you.

Here are 10+ people who revealed why they don’t hang out with their “best friend” anymore:

#1 Cut off, immediately.

I have a daughter with a genetic disorder, who was really sick when she was born, which was shocking to everyone because we had no idea anything was wrong. As we were processing and grieving she (ex best friend) told me:

“My mom and me think that she’s a punishment from God for your past sins.”


#2 It’s sad when you’re the only one putting effort.

She was maid of honor in my wedding. After, I would try to make plans with her for lunch or whatever, and she always canceled the day of. Never gave a reason just “oh I forgot I can’t, some other time”. I realized I was the only one putting in any effort so I just stopped trying to do things with her. I figured if she wanted to do something she’d get ahold of me.

I got married in July of this year, haven’t heard from her since.

– effincourtney

#3 Maybe he just needed help.

Let him move in because of issues at his home. Started missing money and found used syringes IN MY SHOES


#4 Toxic.

She’s toxic. Another friend of mine described her as an energy sucker, which I found to be really accurate. She always has to have attention from men, even if that means causing needless drama to get them to focus on her. She’s difficult to deal with because of this need for attention. I love her, and she knows me better than 98% of the people in my life but as we’ve gotten older her adult mode hasn’t clicked on while mine has and it’s hard for me to spend time with her because our priorities are so different now.


#5 Being sober can be dangerous for fake friends.

I got sober. I never realized how fast “friends” can drop you, until I wasn’t up for smoking all day and getting drunk every night.


#6 Jerk!

He became a domestic abuser. Started hitting his girlfriends in high school. No thanks.


#7 Selfish.

She had a baby, and then one day we were having lunch and she told me “You know, I only want to hang out with other moms from now on.” I didn’t quite get the hint, but she ignored all my texts and emails for a few months and I finally realized what she was trying to tell me back there.


#8 Jealousy.

She flipped and went super saiyan because I had the audacity to make plans with another friend, and invite her. Instead of making plans with her first then inviting my other friend. She then pinned me to a chair and started screaming in my face. That’s the day i fired my maid of honour, and booted her from my life. She then smashed my car window that night.


#9 Guilt trips.

Because I abused his love, kindness and support.

I was in a terrible place in my life and had an emotionally abusive ex that I couldn’t stay away from and i would drop my friend every time the ex would take me back. I was terrible to him. What really sucks, is that I think somewhere deep down I was a little bit in love with my friend but I never ever thought he would feel the same and so I ended up being f*cking awful to him.


#10 *cough* hoe *cough*

Dropped me at the first sign of a boyfriend. Lied to a guy about the paternity of her unborn child. Several abortions because she couldn’t be arsed to manage her contraception. Borrowed money and never paid back. Had a new boyfriend every week. Cheated on every guy she got into a relationship with. Refers to herself as a ‘princess’ and a ‘brat’ – at nearly 30 years old.

I just don’t need that shit in my life.

I want a friend on a mutual maturity level, with some morals, and their own money – I didn’t work my ass off while you bummed around, to get a good job, to then finance her!


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