Guy Perfectly Explains Why Mental Illness Make People Tired And It Needs To Be Shared With Everyone

It can be tough to identify psychological issues, but there are several ways which can help us point them out.

People tend to ignore psychological issues because they fail to understand how deadly these illnesses can be.

Depression and other mental disorders are the worst kind of diseases which get worse with time because people keep ignoring them and deny the existence of mental illnesses.

However, a mental health advocate, Pauline Palita, who happens to be a 22-year-old visual artist too says, “I’ve decided to become a mental health advocate because I knew there were a lot of people out there fighting the same silent battles.”

“I know how hard it is to deal with this kind of illness, the feeling for not taking your condition seriously. I also know a lot of people out there who don’t have the ability to speak about it. The only thing I can do is spread and raise awareness, [trying to] end the stigma around mental illnesses.”

Apparently, 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience mental illness every year according to National Alliance on Mental Illness. Which includes major depression, bipolar and dysthymic disorder.

We are sharing a few tweets, which can help you identify these severe conditions.

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#1 Everybody has raised that question to someone we know at some point in our lives.


#2 I’m tired.


#3 I’m sure many people will be able to relate.

#4 Relatable.


#5 That’s horrific.


#6 So beautifully explained.

#7 Because they have a lot on their mind already.


#8 Parents need to read this.


#9 That guilt of “could have done better” really brings them down.


#10 It’s so sad to know what these people go through every day of their lives.

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