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Wife Was Fired After Working Loyally For 11 Years, Husband's Question Gets Hilarious Replies

Wife Was Fired After Working Loyally For 11 Years, Husband’s Question Gets Hilarious Replies

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain with a Southern country theme and as of late, has been getting a lot of social media attention. And not the good kind.

Evidently, the restaurant fired a woman who had worked for them for 11 years without providing any solid reasoning. Worse still, they let her go on her husband’s birthday! Bradley Byrd, the husband in question, was obviously extremely perplexed and took to their Facebook page to get an answer. He was ignored, unfortunately.

But not by the people, oh no. Thousands upon thousands of internet users are outraged at the apparent cruelty of Cracker Barrel, and they’re using their full internet trolling arsenal at their disposal.

They swarm every post with reminders of how Brad’s wife was fired for no reason and demand answers and explanations, cracking jokes and posting memes, doing everything they can to get the necessary response out of Cracker Barrel. Hopefully, Bradley and his wife will get the answers they truly deserve.

It all started with a little question, completely harmless and totally reasonable.

Then things started to escalate.

They swarmed all the posts on their page, demanding justice for Brad’s wife.

If only they still had Brad’s wife.

Unfortunately, Cracker Barrel completely ignored the people clamouring for answers.

Marion, we want justice for Brad’s wife.

You too, Peggy. #JusticeForBradsWife

Everything was better when Brad’s wife was around.


When the comments got no responses, they started bombarding their wall with posts.

And then came the memes.

11 years is a long time. They’re monsters for removing her without any explanation whatsoever.

#NotMyCountryStore #JusticeForBradsWife

And finally, the only semblance of an answer.

Ironically enough, it was still not Cracker Barrel that responded, but rather a bystander. Brad’s Wife, Nanette was apparently let go of with the provided reasons of “She wasn’t working out”, even though, in reality, it was because she was getting old and would soon retire. Cracker Barrel would have to pay her pension, and they discriminated against her, firing her unethically. I wish I could say that this is just one off, but there are dozens of stories like this all over the internet. It’s disheartening, and I hope that it changes.


Credit where it’s due: Facebook

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