Tumblr User Perfectly Explains Why 90s Child Are Bitter & It’s The Realest Shit Ever

“Ahh, I miss the 90’s.”

I have heard many people say that same sentence over and over again. Now, I personally don’t know what it was like in the 90’s since I wasn’t even alive then but I can see (From the power of the Internet) That it was a much simpler time.

And it seems quite understandable that many people miss that. But what exactly is that the 90’s kids miss from the 90’s? I am quite sure that it wasn’t the fashion. Well, this Reddit post might explain why all the 90’s kids are so bitter.

Beware though as this is going to get as real as sh*t now so you might not be able to handle it.

A 90’s kid is actually a synonym for a sad adult.

And it seems that 70,000 people agreed that there is nothing to defend.

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True, It wasn’t that long ago.

Now I get what this person is trying to say but what is up with the #hashtags before every sentence? Was 90’s the time for unnecessary hashtags? You learn something new every day it seems.

It seems like this has helped many people realize the truth about themselves.

Ahh yes, the technology but I think it has improved our life.

It is indeed true that it has ‘degraded’ our life in some ways but that is mostly our own fault, and we shouldn’t blame it on the technology. And kids still play outside; you just have to get outside yourself.

Okay, this hits quite close to home.

We just expect disappointment since the day we are born.

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And so it has been revealed, All the 90’s kids are just plain bitter.

This realization brought many to uncontrollable tears.

It seems like it was too much to handle for some 90’s kids after all.

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So is this it? Is this the reason all the 90’s kids are always so nostalgic? Comment on below and let us know.

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