10+ Wholesome Service Dogs Turned Into Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

  • By Silas
  • February 15, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Service Dog Memes Incoming!

Did you have a bad day? Or maybe you’re in the middle of one? Or are you one of them lucky mortals having a great time? However it might be, I bet you need some wholesome memes to make your life a hundred times better. Nothing fits the definition of “wholesome” better than service dogs.

Service dogs from all walks of life have come together to spread even more happiness. As if their existence alone was not enough. What did we do to deserve them? It’s futile to even think of repaying the huge favour these doggos have bestowed upon humankind. So just sit back and let your smile grow wider!

#1 Doggo covering Daddy

#2 No better consolation

#3 Providing belly rub services

#4 Let cat be

#5 This dog has more balls than you, your dog, and me

#6 When you have to hurry, but your dog has small legs

#7 Doggo won’t agree

#8 Inspiration

#9 The Life of a K9

#10 Took my dog for a flight

#11 Side job

#12 He never attac, he only protecc

#13 Make this doggo the CEO of any company

#14 See? It’s more comfortable, mom.

#15 Not in front of the bomb sniffers!

#16 Shower thoughts

#17 He’ll grow into it

#18 A much-needed break

#19 Perseverance and Love

#20 He can do whatever he wants!

Good things, like this gallery of doggo memes, comes to an end faster than you expect. However, stay tuned for more because these furry canines never run out of fun antics.

Do you have some dog memes too? Show us in the comments below!

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