White Supremacists Hold A Tiki Torch-lit Rally, Get Brutally Roasted On Twitter

It amazes me how this kind of thing is still going on in 2017.

A terrible news has been circulating in America. On Friday night, white supremacists wielding torches marched outside the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.


Hundreds of white nationalists rallied around the University of Virginia. They held torches and wore uniform polos and khakis.

They chanted offensive things like “End immigration,” “Jews will not replace us,” and “White lives matter.”

The KKK rally was completely opposed. Some criticised them using morals and fancy words. And some took a lighter approach to tackle the issue.

Lighter approach? Well, Twitter pretty much roasted the hell out of these guys.

The tiki torches were the first target.







Then came time to roast who they are.


This guy is fighting racism with racism.


He isn’t wrong.

Why is love such a hard concept to grasp for some people? This is pure hatred, based on skin colour! Jokes aside, we all need to speak up against disgusting movements like these.

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