Internet Is Applauding For This White Man Who Shuts Up This Woman For Defending Kanye In A Very Ridiculous Way

Kanye just loves all the attention he gets.

And we all know it is not for a good reason most of the times. Yet here we are. I am sure you already know about the whole fiasco where Kanye West said that apparently ‘Slavery was a choice.’ As you can imagine, people did not take it well.

However, many have different opinions on this whole scenario. So when one black woman took Kanye’s side in a barber shop which exclusively caters to black people except for one white person, things took a turn for surprising.

Because rather than staying quiet, this white guy spoke up for what he believed in and that’s what truly counts.

Meet Twitter user @RafiDAngelo; he is the one who’ll be sharing this amazing story with us.

Via Rafi D’Angelo

And apparently, Rafi just learned that.

Right, we get it, he’s white.

Now, why would she do that?

Oh please!

I am sure nothing will happen. He’ll be perfectly fine.

Okay, that is actually very true.

Yup, that was quite surprising.

Preach! Everybody needs to read this!

I feel the same right now.

Not your fault, anyone would feel that way.

My man Chad indeed!

A small step for man, A big step for unity!

People were just as supportive in the comments.

Everyone has a voice, and they are allowed to use it, right?

And a dinner invite too!

I think the world would be a much better place then.

Do you agree with Chad? Or do you side with Kanye and the barber lady on this matter? Comment on below and let us know.

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