Twitter Parents Shared White Lies They Have Told Their Kids That’ll Trigger Your Trust Issues

If you thought your parents never lied to you, you’re mistaken.

With little unreasonable goblins running around their home, they have to fib here and there. It’s not their fault, certainly not my parents’ fault, I was a little devil. If they told me that touching the electric socket would cause my head to explode, I would certainly not do it twice.

I say twice, because I ain’t no quitter, and I’ll do everything once.

Anyway, sometimes you just have to. So when BBC presenter Dan Walker asked his Twitter followers about this, the replies he got were unreal.

#1 What lie did they tell you?

#2 And the parents were equal parts funny and weird.

#3 Some were straight up clever.

#4 Others were panic and guilt induced.

#5 There were even a few sweet ones.

#6 But there were also a few soul crushing ones.

#7 But this was the most heartbreaking one.

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