10+ Illustrations Which Lay Out The Horrific Truths About Today’s Society

No doubt mankind has made remarkable advancements in various sectors of science and technology. While we all enjoy the benefits of the modern times, it seems that we have lost something valuable along the way.

An illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, produces incredible representations pinpointing the imperfections of our times. Al Margen has an amazing way of saying it louder than words through his work.  His work is realistic and thought provoking. The images are a vivid representation of “What is Wrong With Today’s Society.”

He describes his work: “They are children of boredom, nonconformity or anger. They are the representation of discarded ideas. They are the garbage of the subconscious. But they are more visceral and sincere than other drawings because they have no obligation to please. Because they were born only by an impulse and nothing more. Because they were born to annoy because they show the imperfect.”

Let’s see some of his work and test our understanding about the dirty truths of our society.

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