What Is Your Disney Princess Horoscope? Chinese Warrior or Underwater Princess?

January 20-February 18: Aquarius!

With incredible social conscience, Aquarius are philanthropic, and intensely humanitarian. They have a very keen interest in making the world a better place, for everyone. You know who that sounds like? Mulan!


The woman who gave up her identity to make the world a better place for her father, even if it meant taking on an entire army!

February 19-March 20: Pisces!

Intuitive, selfless and incredibly artistic, Pisces are always there for people who need it. Their imagination, empathy, and emotional capacity is without parallel and they feel for everything around them, including the wind. I’m looking at you, Pocahontas.


Her love, spirit, and passion was the reason her forest was saved, and the lives of her friends could continue.

March 21-April 19: Aries!

Always ready to take the initiative, Aries are the leaders, the first to get the ball rolling, and often bite off more than they can chew because of their headstrong characteristic. Something like accidentally turning your mother into a bear.


Merida is a shoot first, ask questions later type of gal, and her confidence and her assurance in her ability is what makes her a definite Aries.

April 20-May 20: Taurus!

Practical, reliable, with excellent management skills, Taurus are people that can multi-task like they have twelve limbs. I mean, after all, how else are you going to be able to look after seven dwarves?


Snow White was only fourteen years old and could look after seven adult dwarves. She was the one who cared for them, and it was because how practical Snow White was.

May 21-June 20: Gemini!

Quick witted and clever, Geminis are talkative, and incredibly social. So much so that they may have a certain level of gullibility. Like very specific fish under the sea.


Ariel, inquisitive, curious, and restless, had the whole of the ocean to explore but wanted nothing more than to see the world of land and man. But it did almost get her swallowed up by a shark, so if you’re a Gemini… Just in case, check under your bed for sharks before you sleep.

June 21-July 22: Cancer!

Moody, sympathetic, and tenacious, Cancers are very loving and homely people. They’d never in their entire lives marry for the sake of marriage, but will alway marry for the sake of love. Sound familiar?


Princess Jasmine, maternal, domestic, and with a standard for love, is a Cancer type. I’m pretty sure Rajah is too, just look at him throwing sass around.

July 23-August 22: Leo!

Action orientated, with a desire to be loved and admired, they have an air of royalty about them and crave romance. Kind of like someone who met her happily ever after once upon a dream.


While not completely recommended, if you meet someone you once met already in your dream, there’s no harm in looking into it. I mean, just as Aurora, all that happened was that she was cursed to sleep (and then dream) forever.

August 23-September 22: Virgo!

Soft-spoken and sincere, Virgos have a particular affinity for giving attention to the tiniest of details. How else are they going to make sure an entire home is spotless, from top to bottom when there are three other evil step-family members living there?


Their attention to detail is spent for the betterment of others, much like Cinderella. But personally, I think being a little outspoken and less sincere would help when you’re related to Anastasia, Drizzella and Lady Tremaine.

September 23-October 22: Libra!

Logical and cooperative, Libras are quirky and careful, capable of dealing with a wide range of unsavory individuals. Whether it’s an arrogant Gaston or an animalistic Beast.


Kind, gentle lovers of beauty, harmony and peace, they had difficulty telling people no, because they want to keep everyone happy. I suppose that’s why Gaston never took the hint

October 23-November 21: Scorpio!

Full of passion, resourcefulness and determination that could put fate itself a run for its money. They admire security, and are strong willed, intense, and zealous. Their dedication is unparalleled, and that’s why a certain Scorpio could make it in the real world despite being trapped in a tower for eighteen years.


Rapunzel, armed with her trusty frying pan, could take on the world with her determination, passion, and ferocity. I doubt anything could get between a Scorpio and their goals, just like I doubt anything can get between Rapunzel and her freedom.

November 22-December 21: Sagittarius!

Enthusiastic, full of energy, and incredibly friendly, sagittarius are optimistic and love change. That’s why they never left the side of their sister after she let it go.


Despite how much things change, Saggitarius are always ready and willing to take on and accept what comes next. So when Elsa broke free of the shackles of her identity and became who she really is, changed for the better, Anna never stopped loving her.

December 22-January 19: Capricorn!

Capricorns are hardworkers, reliable, practical, dedicated, incredibly ambitious and overwhelmingly disciplined. Kind of like you have to be when you want to become a restaurant owner, don’t you?


They also have a touch of pessimism and stubbornness about them, but that only makes them undeterred from anything that may cause a problem with their goals.

What was your horoscope? Were you expecting it or was it a surprise to be related to that princess in such a way? Share with your friends and find out what princess your Aunt Meggie is!

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