People On Twitter Are Sharing What They Do In Their Bed And It Will Make You Say ‘SAME’

Our generation is filled with procrastinators.

We’re all so hilariously alike, everything we see on the Internet is something we can relate to. So, last Monday, @HashtagRoundup asked people what they do in bed under the hashtag #StuffIDoInBed.


And the Twitterverse definitely delivered:

#1 Remember that embarrassing thing you did seven years ago?

#2 Yes, I can fit all that in my stomach.

#3 Yes, put my show back on!

#4 Okay, I can just sleep tomorrow.

#5 Wish I had said that.

#6 I think I’m gonna need plastic surgery.

#7 Guilty.

#8 MINE.

#9 All day, every day.

#10 I am a burrito.

#11 The best things in life.

#12 How many have I broken till now?

#13 A lot.

#14 Why can’t my pee just disappear?

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