Twitter Thread Explains What Men Actually Mean When They Say A Woman Is ‘Intimidating’ & It’s Pretty Sad

What is it about confident women that men find intimidating?

I mean, we don’t find confident men intimidating, do we? However, it is seen as quite ‘rare’ to see independent and confident women even though many women fall on this spectrum.

Many people, I included, don’t understand this. Isn’t there thinly laced misogyny behind this word? And I am not the only one who has encountered this.

Many women from every kind of profession have encountered people who use words like ‘assertive,’ ‘too smart,’ ‘aggressive’ and ‘intimidating’ to describe them.

So that is probably why one woman started a new Twitter thread asking this same question that quickly went viral.

Can we understand the reason behind this?

It didn’t take long for people to respond to the Twitter thread.

I mean they are the ones being intimidated. So why should we feel bad?

At least you got a happy ending.

Yes, because going after your job is being ‘too aggressive.’

No word is gender-specific.

It’s good that at least most of the next generation does not think like this.

Well, I am not ashamed, and neither should any other woman feel like this.


True, how come I’ve never said that someone intimidates me?

How can it be our fault?

Hopefully, the world will change with time.

Has anyone ever called you aggressive, super smart or intimidating? Or were you the one using these words to describe a woman? Comment on below and let us know.

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