Tumblr Post Perfectly Explains In Detail What Happens After The ‘Butterflies’ Go Away In Your Relationship

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world known to all of us. Falling head over heels for someone at the start of any relationship and thinking about them all day gives us “the butterflies” we all crave for. That obsession feels great because it gives us a new meaning to life.

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But it never stays forever, and even in successful relationships, butterflies are temporary.

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It takes days, months or years for it to go away depending on the relationship, but that special feeling is actually just a starting point or maybe a life time experience. The butterflies disappearing doesn’t always mean it’s bad. This actually can also mean moving into the next and most important part of any relationship, and that is being more comfortable.

Below is a perfectly summed up experience of a Tumblr user who just proves the point that love becomes even more beautiful after the butterflies.

Let’s just burst the bubble first.

Reality is actually more beautiful in this phase.

Which also brings the couple to more meaningful kisses.

The fairy tale is replaced by hum of love and care.

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