This Artist Summed Up What Divorce Is For Kids In One Comic & It’s Painfully Accurate

Divorce isn’t so rare anymore. Every other day, you find a family, who seemed to be perfectly happy, breaking apart because the parents decided to file for divorce,

Now, it’s understandable that some parents have problems and do not wish to continue living with each other, but the impact it has on the children is devastating.

This perspective was perfectly illustrated by artist “Mac.” Here are seven of his comics that sum up divorce:

There it is, your happy family.

Oh no. Dad, don’t look there.

He’s gone. In love now. And not with mom.

The shock sets in. The rest of the family tries to hold itself together.

The kids are scared. Mom is heartbroken, but they’re still holding on.

Oh no…

The only ones left behind.


The comic touched a lot of broken hearts.

However, some people didn’t have it that bad.

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