10+ People Who Perfectly Sum Up What Being Broke AF Feels Like

Every college student knows the pain.

Between textbooks, rent, travel, clothes, eating, tuition fees, student loans, etc, college students are absolutely broke. They live from paycheck to paycheck, like many of American households.

And the Internet really nailed what it’s like. And that does not happen often.

#1 Been there felt that.

#2 Twenty whole dollars!? That’s twenty more than me!


#3 The face captures the horror.


#4 By the way, I wasn’t wondering.


#5 Yeah, sounds like a much better plan.

#6 This means, ‘Yes I am that broke.’


#7 Hey! It’s not my fault those Gucci boots were on sale.

#8 I don’t have any. Want help with your next heist?

#9 Good idea! I’ll do this from now on.

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