Artist Creates Hilarious Comics That Compare Western Culture And Chinese Culture Little Too Accurately

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 13, 2018
  • 9 minutes read

The social difference between the East and the West is staggering.

Talented artist and comic designer, Siya was born and raised in Beijing but has spent almost a decade travelling and studying in countries like the US, the UK, and even France. Like most people who come into new cities and territories, she was asked a lot of questions about her culture.

Most people associated China with pollution, no Facebook, or communism, and while a lot of it does have its merits, it’s not an honest representation of the nation.

You can check out her art over at her instagram! She uses the handle “TinyEyes”.

Source: Instagram

#1 Cutlery.

#2 Cat eating.

Maybe you have heard that Chinese eat cats. A few horrible people in some obscure places maybe, but the majority, NO!!

#3 Aging.

#4 Chinese tattoo.

#5 Sharing dorms.

I’ve experienced student dormitories in three countries: In the U.K. I have my own private room with shared public space; In the U.S. I shared my dorm with one roommate; In China, I used to live with 5 girls in the same room. This lack of privacy must be shocking for some of you, but in a country with 1.3 billion population, space is always a problem. While there are many inconvenience not having enough private space, on the bright side, sharing a room with someone also makes you learn quite a deal about communication, responsibilities and tolerance.

#6 Beauty products.

#7 Inseparable friends on tables.

#8 Weight.

Beauty = Thin. “Gaining weight” brings absolute horror for many Chinese girls, even though most of them are already considered thin in other cultures. I’ve seen girls who eat only one apple a day and who drink special tea (which makes you go to toilet 20 times a day) in order to lose weight in a very short time. Movie stars and super models are pushing this aesthetic to its extreme through mass media. When will we be able to simple enjoy being who we are?

#9 Looking Chinese.

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