This Wendy’s In Texas Is At War With Its Cross-Street Rival And It’s Savage And Hysterical

Business rivalries are just a natural and essential part of the “normal course of business.” The intensity can include putting up a wicked sign to blow up your competitor. About a month ago in Lubbock, Texas, a simple feud started between Pure Water Ice & Tea Company and its beefy neighborhood rival Wendy’s. The wicked “sign” war escalated into some pretty savage game which also happens to hysterical at the same time. Let’s take a look.

Pure Water, Ice & Tea company, started the feud with its neighbor, Wendy’s, with this sign:

Twitter: @dylanmonroeTTU

The owner of Pure Water Ice & Tea Company told KCBD that he’d been trying to provoke Wendy’s for a while now.

And obviously, Wendy’s came harder with this sign.

Twitter: @Anthony_Young00

And then the friendly-yet-savage feud had officially begun.

Twitter: @rileylookingbil

They back-lashed each other with commenting on each other’s skills. Wendy’s went for Pure Water Ice & Tea’s brewing skills. 

Twitter: @keely_mcmillan

Pure Water basically warned Wendy’s before they go wreck themselves.

Twitter: @Anthony_Young00

This time Wendy’s came up with an amazing burn.

Twitter: @Anthony_Young00

Pure Water was not apparently impressed.

Twitter: @Bbass27

But the internet surely was impressed.

Twitter: @DorvalTony

Source: BuzzFeed




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