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Wendy's Just Hilariously Roasted The Fuck Outta Burger King On Twitter & We're Here For It

Wendy’s Just Hilariously Roasted The Fuck Outta Burger King On Twitter & We’re Here For It

Wendy’s twitter is a perfect example of brand engagement.

Their witty and smart replies have been loved and praised so much for years. People have become fans and wait for Wendy’s to roast them as well.

In their recent refrigerator burn, which was enjoyed all over the internet, one of the stars from their social media team was revealed. Although she doesn’t work there anymore and wrote fascinating insights in her article “CheeseBurger Tweets,” she initiated something which Wendy’s and its fans enjoyed later.

She tweeted:


Anyone tagging and praising a fast food joint against the other from a personal twitter account always looked surprising, and we doubted that this might just be to create a response that could invite Wendy’s for their hamburger warming laser of brutality upon the King.

So the King took the initiative:

That was the moment their fate was sealed.

It was just like a juicy beef worm hanging loosely and waiting for the biggest fish. And it’s always a caution to not mess with Wendy’s because they love beef.

The internet went crazy again as Wendy’s tweet got 25000 likes within a day. People roasted further in the comments.

Wendy’s kept enjoying the party

Wendy’s got on a role and they were also viewed a hundred thousand times as well when the same chat was posted on Imgur. There people blamed Burger King for getting into the trap by Wendy’s in the first place.

She strikes again


We think this burn probably comes in the top four by Wendy’s. Let’s look at some of their best from 2017.

Taking On McDonald’s

Totally Savage With Wingstop.

When Hardee’s Got Humiliated


McDonald’s Burn Again


The Refrigerator Madness Got Too Much For Someone


Now which comes first in the rank, second and third is all up to a debate because everyone has a different opinion. We wish to see more brands following Wendy’s model in the times to come!

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