Internet Turned Wendy’s Twitter Mascot Into A Savage Anime Girl & It’s Spot On

Who knew Wendy was so sarcastic?

Because I sure didn’t. Although, Wendy’s has some sick burns. Even McDonald is not free from its reign of fire. So many artists have been taking inspiration from Wendy’s brutal comebacks and re-imagined her as a sassy anime girl.

It all started with an innocent enough tweet.

Via Twitter

Wendy wasn’t having any of it.

Via Twitter

Hardees apparently couldn’t handle it.

Via Twitter

So, that is how the smug anime girl was born.

Loads of illustrations of Wendy have popped up after that. Here are some of our favorites:

#1 Savage is more like it.

#2 Don’t it’s gonna help.


#3 No one is safe!

#4 Everyone forgets once in a while.

This is what the above image is referencing.

#5 I honestly am not sure.


#6 She is definitely hiding a secret or two.

#7 Don’t think that bounty is going to be paid.

#8 It was supposed to be.

#9 Who doesn’t?


#10 She ain’t ever gonna be scared.

#11 I think you’ve already achieved that.


What do you think of this iteration of Wendy’s? Comment on below and let us know.

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