Someone Asked Wendy’s Their Favorite Movies Of 2017 & They Delivered With Critical Reviews

Wendy’s should totally have a movie review account.

It seems like Wendy’s is still not sure what it wants to be. It has already been turned into a savage anime girl. Will it be a movie reviewer next? We hope so since it seems like it knows what it’s talking about.

You see, it all started when Eric Kohn, a film critic, tweeted Wendy’s asking what was her favorite movie this year.

It turns out; she was ready to answer as she responded after a mere 15 minutes. It is not surprising to see that Lady Bird topped her list and The Big Sick, Get Out, and Logan coming in after.

The conversation didn’t end as A24 responded to Wendy’s favorite movie list tweet.

And Wendy was quick to answer back with three important things about Lady Bird.

A24 loved the review.

And when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Rotten Tomatoes joined in. No, I am not joking. It’s not surprising though, as Lady Bird did break the Record for “the most consecutive Fresh reviews and zero Rotten reviews against it.”

Wendy, however, was as cheeky as always.

Though A24 was not happy about Rotten Tomatoes sweeping Wendy away.

And the employees behind Wendy’s really did want to change it into a movie review account.

The superiors, however, said a big fat no.

So it seems our dream won’t be coming true anytime soon. Although the people behind Wendy’s account didn’t let the no from their bosses faze them as they kept on giving comments about new movies. You go, girl!

Wonder Woman.

The Phantom Thread.

Any chance Wendy’s will start showing movies in their restaurants?

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