Wendy’s And MoonPie Are Flirting On Twitter And I Am Jealous Of Their Love Story

Someone, please tell these two to get a room!

Yes, I admit; I’m jealous of this short love story.

You guys have seen celebrity feuds over the life of Twitter and may have seen people roasting each other. Well, one of the biggest companies; Wendy’s took roasting to another level when it roasted not only Burger King but McDonald’s as well just for the sake of boredom.

That put aside, Wendy’s and MoonPie got into a serious flirt battle. Don’t believe me? Well, the people on Twitter have seen it all, and you should see it for yourself how Wendy’s and MoonPie engaged in an unusual yet amusing romantic exchange.

After MoonPie complemented on Wendy’s ‘looks’, Wendy’s replied with the sluttiest remark ever.

And right after that both the companies started passing really cheesy comments to each other.

Oh my. I hope they’re not being offended by each other.

It seems like they’re totally hitting it off!

Both of them took the public for a spin when they talked about the possibility of ‘meating’ in real life. And Wendy’s certainly took the prize home when it started sending what we can safely presume to be the fast food version of nudes.

Wendy’s being totally courteous even offered a bite.

MoonPie tried to get back with just the thing. Uh oh. I seek trouble.

But pretty soon after MoonPie posted a picture of Wendy’s head as a MoonPie, things took a turn and Wendy’s kind of put their hands up.

Although the session of harmless teasing ended in a short while, people took their turns at what they do best.

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